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Dog walking business gives Carlisle man leash of life
By Pam McClounie
Last updated at 14:23, Monday, 24 January 2011
When Matthew Hodgson lost his job at a clothing concession in a department store he returned to Carlisle unsure what to do next.
Matthew, Fern, Rueben, Barny, Ebony Pictured Here In Denton Holme Carlisle Cumbria. We Walk These Dogs On  A Regular Basis.
The 22-year-old, of Denton Holme, took a course at Carlisle College and worked at the city’s Ethel Austin store before leaving to set up his own dog-walking business.
Matthew, a former Morton School pupil, said: “I’ve always loved animals and a colleague suggested this idea to me.
“I decided to give it a whirl and had some leaflets produced. I put some up in some shop windows and I got a few calls.”
Matthew has been in business for about eight weeks now, spends his day visiting different clients across Carlisle feeding and walking pets.
He said: “Some of my clients work from to and can’t get home during that time.
“One of them has a little puppy that I look after. I’ll go in a couple of times a day to feed, walk and play with the dog.
“I’m on demand 24 hours a day – whenever anyone needs me really.”
Matthew, who has a kitten called Ketchup, also looks after cats and kittens and would like to eventually look after hamsters and gerbils.
He would also like to start selling dog and cat food.
He said: “I get plenty of exercise running around fields and all the walks that I go on. The clients make arrangements to give me access and I just go into their homes to look after the animals. My girlfriend Fern Tremble helps me."
Matthew added: “There are a lot of professional dog-walkers in Britain and some people do charge insane amounts of money.
“I don’t, and I do special offers for people too.”
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